Who We Are

In operation since 2011, Adknown is a leading web and app publisher with a passion for ad-tech. We specialize in using cutting edge ad technology to drive targeted traffic to our owned and operated portfolio of websites and apps. Our philosophy is simple: better technology drives better traffic.

Our understanding of concepts like Big Data, retargeting, algorithmic learning, and user fingerprinting allow us to fully leverage our proprietary RTB (Real Time Bidder) and analytics suites. These concepts and technologies provide our experienced in-house marketing team the ability to effectively market and monetize Adknown’s web portals and apps, regardless of vertical, device, or implementation. Our marketing team’s years of experience include working in Search, Display, Native, Social, Email, CPA, CPI, XML and more.

  • 2011 In December of 2011, three young ad tech and online marketing professionals come together to form Adknown Inc.
  • 2012 Adknown and its staff spend their first snowy Canadian winter at a temporary office location on a costal hill side in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.
  • 2013 Adknown enters for the first time into the Co-operative education world by recruiting its first student. Adknown will go on to support dozens of co-op students anually.
  • 2014 After three years of developing multiple different online publications, traffic aquistion platforms and in-house ad serving management technologies, Adknown and its propritary ad tech serves its 10 billionth impression.
  • 2015 Adknown releases the first cut of its RTB suite connecting our performance marketing arm to multiple premium exchanges.
  • 2016 Adknown enters the exciting world of Mobile App and Mobile Game development supported by its existing performance marketing platform.
  • 2017 Adknown opens the valves for Machine Learning research and development.
  • 2020 Adknown opens it's newly renovated office in downtown Guelph. Employees now have a spacious new home including a huge games room, and rooftop patio.

    Days after the official opening the COVID-19 global pandemic begins, and all employees are proactively sent home to begin remote work.
  • 2021 Adknown achieves Google Partner status after years of hard work growing our partnership with Google.

What We Do

Adknown's extensive Web Publishing efforts, including various new Search Portals, are supported by leveraging targeted traffic through leading edge Advertising Technology. Our dedicated, in house team of writers, designers and developers work around the clock to bring the best user experience possible to those visiting our web properties. Adknown's Monetize and Incubation combination of high level online marketing strategies, coupled with our desire to create the best content on the web is what has fueled our success over the past years.

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How We Operate

We are a unique company as we develop all our technology in house. We don't rely on frameworks or off the SaaS, we code it all from the ground up. Our philosophy might take more time but you end up with faster, more flexible systems. We are an agile team that believes in the right tool for the job.

We are a data centric company. Our systems generate billions of events each day that we need to ingest, store and analyze. Our Big Data ecosystem is comprised of various tools and methodologies focused on allowing our data to enhance our business.

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