Advertising Technology

Adknown is unique in that it builds and constructs the majority of its ad tech in-house. Our engineering department along with our product designers and marketing team work very effectively together to build out custom products. Our technology focuses on results using the simplest, scalable approach. Some of our current products:

  • RTB Mediation
  • PPC XML Mediation
  • Traffic distribution management
  • Ad management Solution
  • Intext Adnetwork with SDK
  • VMAP based video advertising agency platform
  • Publisher Ad Revenue Engine

Adknown's advertising technology is constantly evolving. Its products are built to scale. Adknown's ad tech processes over 50k queries per second across its ad product portfolio.

Web Publishing

For years, Adknown has been delivering top quality content to users through our network of web portals and properties. Our team stays busy keeping our web portfolio in a state of constant growth, both in terms of making additions to existing properties as well as creating new ones. Adknown oversees the development of all our properties from inception to launch. From the early phases of development where our market research team uses a variety of 1st and 3rd party tools to analyze the online landscape to identify and target the topics and ideas which interest users most, to the later phases, where our team of designers, writers, and engineers turn concepts into web properties. Adknown’s web properties span across a wide range of topics and verticals, including:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • B2B
  • Information and Search Portals
  • Comparison Shopping

The diversity in topics and styles within our web portfolio has necessitated an equally diverse editorial and design team. Adknown’s editorial team prides itself on harnessing the talents of a young, ambitious and eclectic writing staff as well as multitalented designers and front end developers who are able to capture an array of different themes and styles.

Game Development

Adknown is a company that is passionate about making great games. We have assembled an experienced team of game developers who are determined to create amazing web products and apps in an agile environment. We develop our games using the latest tech and improve our games through the feedback of our users. We currently publish our applications for Android / iOS and plan to add more platforms in the future. We create games in a wide variety of genres:

  • Puzzle
  • Platformer
  • Shooter
  • Survival
  • Racing
  • Strategy