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Downtown Location


Every week, Adknown team members are treated to lunch from one of many top local restaurants. Unlimited soft drinks and a fully stocked bar (in the games room) is provided for all to enjoy.

Community Involvement


Each member of the Adknown team is provided a laptop, multiple monitors, and a smartphone for all their coding and analytical needs.



There are multiple recreational areas within the Adknown offices complete with video games, foose, pool and darts. We like to work hard, but we also like to play hard with various internal leagues and ladders.



Adknown operates on Wyndham Street in the heart of Guelph. Quick access to local restaurants, amenities, and public transit makes coming to work easy and enjoyable.



Whether is it company wide, or departmental, Adknown insists on booking at least one outside trip each quarter. Golf, retro games, shows and sporting events are just a few of the past activities. Images from some of these events are viewable here.

Unlimited Vacation


Adknown offers its team members a competitive salary along with an extensive health and benefits plan.


We have assembled a creative, passionate and skilled team of engineers who want to create amazing web products. We thrive in an agile environment where we are not afraid to embrace new technologies and methodologies to get the job done. Our goal is to create scalable, durable, lightning fast systems to serve our users and perform real-time analytics on massive amounts of data.

    Our Stack...
  • Server Side - PHP, Python, Nginx
  • Front End - React, Material UI
  • Database - MySQL, AWS Aurora, Redis
  • DevOps - Docker, CI/CD
  • Data Analytics - AWS Athena, Apache Airflow, Grafana, Python
  • Cloud - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Adknown’s Marketing and Data Analysis team breathes the life into Adknown’s broad range of online properties. Just as every print publication needs readers, online publications need users to gain traction.

Adknown’s Marketing and Data Analysis team leverages their marketing expertise to create performance-based digital advertising campaigns which bring Adknown’s portfolio of properties into the forefront of the online world.

    Marketing and Data Analysis Team leverage...
  • Excel - summarized reporting
  • MySQL - routine based optimization
  • Athena - ad-hoc analysis
  • Sapphire - proprietary traffic management
  • Ad Intellegence - market research

Adknown’s Publishing Team consists of highly-skilled creative writers, and designers with a solid foundation of what makes web publications fun and engaging. Our publishing team members enjoy connecting with readers by giving them relevant content with a pleasing presentation. We create accessible content in a variety of different verticals including home and garden, beauty, health and wellness, and more.

The team delivers insightful and compelling content that readers appreciate and learn from.

    The Publishing Team leverage...
  • Office - everyday writing
  • G Suite - team collaboration
  • Content Management System - publishing
  • Creative Commons - image attribution
  • Adobe Creative Suite - image editing
  • HTML5 / CSS3 - website layout

Adknown’s Admin team is the backbone of the company. It performs the tasks necessary for Adknown to function. The tasks can often consume Adknown's mangers time. This is where the Admin team comes in for the save.

Adknown’s Admin team handles everything corporate administrative including bookkeeping, invoicing, scheduling, event planning, travel planning and more. Our team is thoughtful and organized.

    The Admin Team leverage...
  • Office - everyday productivity
  • G Suite - team collaboration
  • Hubdoc - bookkeeping
  • Quickbooks - bookkeeping
  • Amazon - shopping

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