Content Team

Have you ever been browsing Buzzfeed, or a similar social media site, and wondered how someone gets a job writing or editing entertaining, topical online content? Have you ever seen web content go viral and wished you were on the ground floor? If so, you'll probably be interested in a role with Adknown's editorial team. Our writers and editors are responsible for coming up with fun, fresh and exciting content for Adknown's entertainment-based web portfolio. Writing and editing, as well as video and image selection are all under the purview of Adknown's Editorial team.

In addition to just generating the content for our online web publications, Adknown's Editorial team is also tasked with collaborating with our Marketing and Data Analysis team to recognize and respond to trends in content generation. This could mean connecting the dots between editorial factors (such as headline formats, article size or topic, image/video selection, and more) and performance trends like bounce rate or average pageviews. Our editorial team plays a key role in furthering our understanding of different kinds of content and their impact on our user's behaviour. Be sure to reach out to our recruiting team if you're interested in pursuing a fun career that allows you broaden your horizons and understanding of web publishing while also creating dynamic, engaging online content!