Marketing & Data Analysis Team

Adknown’s Marketing and Data Analysis team breathes the life into Adknown’s broad range of online properties. Just as every print publication needs readers, online publications need users to gain traction. Adknown’s Marketing and Data Analysis team leverages their marketing expertise to create performance-based digital advertising campaigns which bring Adknown’s portfolio of properties into the forefront of the online world. These campaigns can range from CPM-based display campaigns, to text and PPC campaigns, to native content-driven ads and beyond. Adknown works with the major online advertising networks, as well as directly with large scale publishers in order to reach the largest viewer base possible.

Campaign creation, however, is just one side of this team’s important role. Due to the performance-based nature of our advertising campaigns, it’s not enough to simply gain visibility and bring users to our sites – we want them to stay and interact! It’s our Marketing and Data Analysis team’s job to leverage our various 1st and 3rd party analytics and reporting tools in order to ensure that our marketing campaigns are meeting performance goals, and optimize them if they’re not. These on-site goals can range from increasing average pageviews, to interacting with on-site advertisements, to account signups or product sales. Life on our Marketing and Data Analysis team tends to be fast paced, exciting, and very rewarding. If you’re a driven multi-tasker that’s looking for an exciting role that will provide you with high daily advertising budgets, leading edge online marketing training, as well as extremely competitive performance-based financial incentives, Adknown’s Marketing and Data Analysis team is the place for you!

Open Positions

Data Analyst

Adknown is a cutting-edge web publisher that leverages online marketing to enhance the profile of our web portfolio. Our focus is largely on PPC advertising.

The Data Analyst positions at Adknown are full time hours and offer very competitive compensation. Data Analysts are responsible for creating, launching, and monitoring Adknown's online marketing campaigns. They are also responsible for ensuring that these campaigns meet or exceed pre-defined performance metrics. In addition to creating and monitoring online campaigns, Data Analysts are responsible for creating reports for management.

Due to the fact that an Adknown Data Analyst's role is to monitor and optimize campaigns that are running 24/7, Data Analysts are required to have extreme flexibility with their work hours. Work after hours and on weekends is common and expected. Only serious, devoted, extremely career-minded applicants need apply.

Primary Responsibilities
  • Manage a portfolio of goal-driven campaigns by optimizing bids, budgets, and landing environment conditions to reach objectives set out by management
  • Leverage internal and third party analytics systems to increase ROI and general campaign performance
  • Perform market and keyword research to identify industry trends
  • Monitor traffic throughout the day to ensure performance
  • Create financial and traffic reports for management
Required Qualifications
  • Computer/internet savvy personality.
  • Extreme devotion and flexibility with work hours to accommodate a 24/7 campaign spend schedule
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong multitasking skills
  • A strong sense of self-motivation and willingness to take ownership of projects
  • A proven track record of success achieving pre-defined goals and targets
Preferred Qualifications
  • Fundamental understanding of online marketing and its various implementations (PPC, Display, CPA, CPL, Inline Text, etc.)
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel
  • Understanding of basic SQL commands
  • Familiarity with the mobile industry
Culture, Compensation and Job Perks

Adknown's office is located in downtown Guelph and is near to restaurants, shops, and other downtown attractions. The office has a fully stocked staff room, complete with a full bar, pool table, foosball, dart board, lounge area with TV and video games, and a fully stocked drink fridge for employees to enjoy. Adknown has weekly off-site team building lunches. Adknown arranges for team building field trips once every quarter. Adknown really strives to produce a positive, comfortable and rewarding work environment. Adknown truly embraces the work hard, play hard philosophy.

Financial compensation includes a base salary as well as generous goal- and performance-based financial incentives. Since Adknown is a small, fast-growing company, the Data Analyst role also offers opportunity for career advancement within the company.

Adknown has experience with Co-op students. Adknown understands that young flourishing Co-op students are after real world experience and are looking for guidance, support and training to accomplish that. Adknown provides this by pairing students with experienced seniors. Most students begin managing accounts within the first week of employment.

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